Full architectural services including feasibility studies, sketch proposals, design development, contract documentation and contract management - from individual houses to large scale housing projects, commercial, hotel and recreational, education, civic, institutional, religious, industrial and hospital project.

Interior Design

Full interior design services including furniture design, signs and graphics and procurement services.

Landscape Architecture This services provides Landscape Architectural Design for urban and rural areas from initial design through to tendering and contract management. This services includes site planning, site visual analysis, site furniture and lighting and detailed appreciation on suitability of planting design to achieve the functional and aesthetically objectical within the cost criteria.

Urban Planning /Urban Design

Planning services ranging from housing schemes to urban master planning incorporating traffic analysis, landscape policies and urban design strategies.

Project Management

Planning management for any type of project through the entire design and construction processes, acting as the responsible ensuring the coordination of all consultant involved, time, cost and quality control.


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