Kumpulan Akitek Sdn. Bhd. licensed to operate since 1964 employs quality professional and supporting personnels, consisting of locals and expatriates. With the combination of the experience from the senior staff together with the enthusiasm of the younger staff, the company aim to provide the synergised platform of a progressive class of organization and keeping abreast with the latest architectural development.

With a well balanced human resources strength and together with a good racial combination at all levels, Kumpulan Akitek has shown a harmonious working environment since its formation. We provided CAD for the design and production supported by other computers for data and word processing and financial accounting which are fully utilized to enhance the quality of services rendered.

With our present staff of over 40, 70% are professionals and technicians in the architecture and building construction fields. We are able to undertake various types of projects varying in sizes and complexities.

We have associate offices in singapore and Philippines that can provide supporting services to any project.

With our many extensive past experience working with foreign consultants on joint-venture basis or collaboration, we would be able to offer similar services if required.

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